Hörberg Productions is looking for a programmer to help bring our games to more platforms

4-6 month project based position (permanent position may be a possibility afterwards)

In april this year we released Mechstermination Force for Nintendo Switch and are now looking to bring it to PS4/XboxOne/PC, as well as finally bringing Gunman Clive HD Collection to PS4/XboxOne.

Our games use a custom engine, all in C++, with very messy code, so we need someone with a good hardware understanding, C++ experience and the ability and patience to dive into a big messy, undocumented code base.

We’re looking for someone who can work independently and take responsibility for as much of the porting process as possible. Including rewriting the renderer and replacing other platform specific APIs, implementing console specific features, adhering to platform holders standards and requirements, and see the games through to the final builds and submissions. 

Required skills

  • Strong C++ skills
  • Graphics programming experience
  • A high tolerance for messy code

Preferred skills and experience

  • Experience with different rendering APIs
  • Console experience
  • Shader coding experience

The position is in-house at our office in Skövde

Send your resume and portfolio to